L'Invasione Degli Astromostri (The Invasion of the Astromonsters )

Artist: P. Ragioni Italian

Title: L'Invasione Degli Astromostri (The Invasion of the Astromonsters )

Plate: Movie_1

Description: Condition A.
Original Vintage Movie Poster, backed on Linen
Printed in Italy, 1970

Shipped rolled via FedEx
Certificate of Authenticity.

Poster Size: 55 in x 39 1/2 in / 139.7 cm x 100.3 cm

Price: $275.00 Reduced from $450

The Poster: Strong Graphics by the prolific Italian poster artist Ragioni and the image of the immortal Godzilla, in a movie by the father of Godzilla; Ishirô Honda, makes this a highly collectable Sci-Fi monster movie poster that is in rare excellent condition on linen.
Godzilla screenshot from the movie 

The Movie:
(released later in the US as Godzilla vs Monster ZeroAstronauts Glenn and Fuji aboard a space shuttle land on Planet X in the Jovian system. Here they discover that the humanoids its inhabitants live underground to protect themselves from the attacks of the three-headed monster King Ghidorah. The inhabitants of the planet ask the two Earth explorers to transport the winged monster Rodan and The Great Godzilla to X to fight King Ghidorah (Monster Zero) and save their world. In reality it is a trap to deprive the Earth of the only defenders who could prevent the conquest by the extraterrestrials.

The Director: "Ishirô Honda was the most commercially successful Japanese film director of his day. Born in 1911, often credited as being the father of Godzilla. Originally, the young Honda had aspirations of becoming a painter. However, as he moved into his teens, it was cinema that became his number-one interest.

He attended Nippon University studying art, but was drafted by the Japanese military and spent nearly eight years in uniform. After a period of imprisonment in China as a P.O.W., he returned to Japan to join Tôhô Studios, where, soon afterward, he became acquainted with SFX wizard Eiji Tsuburaya. The two worked on a handful of films before collaborating on the ground-breaking monster epic Godzilla (1954). Honda was also at the director's helm for Rodan (1956) Battle in Outer Space (1959) Mothra (1961) (aka "Mothra"), Matango (1963), and Destroy All Monsters (1968). Although the Japanese monster films had been derided by some critics, Honda was especially proud of his contribution to this rather unique aspect of the fantasy and science-fiction genres.

Honda was a life-long friend of the famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa and Honda worked on several of Kurosawa's landmark films including Stray Dog (1949) Kagemusha (1980), and Ran (1985).

Honda died aged 81, in 1993, with Akira Kurosawa delivering the eulogy at his funeral." (IMDb Mini Biography)