Terms of Sale

Presentation of Posters. All of our small size posters are presented in framing mats, which are removable. We use only Acid free, Museum quality, Conservation matboards, both front and back, which are Ivory in colour. They are shrink-wrapped for protection with a detailed (removable) framing label on the back, and our Certificate of Authenticity. You can frame them directly or change mats when framing. Larger size posters are shipped rolled.


Shipping of Poster. Small size poster orders are shipped flat in heavily reinforced boxes US $35 within North America, via FedEx . Outside North America shipped by insured mail for US $55

Guarantee. I unconditionally guarantee each item to be as described and absolutely authentic. As a past member of the International Vintage Poster Dealer Association, (IVPDA) I am committed to the highest standards of professional ethics. Yaneff International Fine Art has been established since 1975. 


Return Policy. I offer a full refund of purchase price if not completely satisfied, and poster returned undamaged (Fedex or UPS preferred) within 10 days.


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Poster Condition. With "Maitres de L'Affiche" and other small images, we sell only Condition A posters. Condition A designates a poster in very fine condition. The colours of the image area are fresh and there is no paper loss, tears, folds, blemishes or creases within the image. There may be some within the margin areas only, as well slight wear or blemishes on the edges. Your Maitres des L' Affiche posters always have the blind embossed stamp in the lower right.


Size of Posters. Size is listed in inches & centimeters. Width precedes height. Only the overall sheet size is shown. The actual poster image varies in size within the sheet, as the larger version posters were printed in varied sizes. Therefore, each has a margin (border) around the actual poster image.


For all sizes of Posters


Condition A Designates a poster in very fine condition. The colors are fresh; 
no paper loss. There may be some slight blemish or tear, but this is very marginal and not noticeable. 


Condition A+ is a flawless example of a poster rarely seen in such fine condition. 


Condition A– indicates there may be some slight dirt, fold, tear or bubble or other minor restoration, but most unobtrusive. 


Condition B Designates a poster in good condition. There may be some slight paper loss, but not in the image or in any crucial design area. If some restoration, it is not immediately evident. The lines and colors are good, although paper may have yellowed (light-stained). 


Condition B+ designates a poster in very good condition.


Condition B– is one in fairly good condition. The latter determination may be caused by heavier than normal light-staining or one or two noticeable repairs. 


Condition C Designates a poster in fair condition. The light-staining may be more pronounced, restorations, folds or flaking are more readily visible, and possibly some minor paper loss occurs. But the poster is otherwise intact, the image clear, and the colors, though possibly faded, still faithful to the artist’s intent.


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