Untitled from Documents Decoratifs

Artist: Alphonse Mucha Czech (1860-1939)

Title: Untitled from Documents Decoratifs

Plate: DD.48

Description: Condition A
Original Lithograph, Plate 48 from "Documents Decoratifs", published by Librairie Centrale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, 1902.

Ref: Bridges L31.48.

Presented in 16 x 20 in. acid free, archival museum mat, with framing labels. Ready to frame. Shipped boxed flat via Fedex. 
Certificate of Authenticity. 

Sheet Size: 13 in x 17 5/8 in 33 cm x 44.8 cm

Price: $2850.00

This Original lithograph was printed in black ink on wove paper, with hand-coloring added

‘Documents Decoratifs’ epitomizes Mucha’s technical skills and expertise in capturing the organic and curvilinear style characteristic of Art Nouveau.



"Documents Décoratifs, published in 1902 by the Libraire Centrale des Beaux-Arts (72 original colour lithograph plates where included), was Mucha's artistic creed, that authoritatively set down the precepts of Art Nouveau and it's decorative elements…it influenced a whole generation of artists..." (Rennert/Weill)


"More and more frequently, I was asked to design all sorts of objects in every type of material from wood, gold and ceramics to paper and tapestry. It was impossible to meet all these requests so I decided to publish a special work (Documents decoratifs) containing decorative elements and items where these elements could be used so that everybody would find what he wanted ready made…Of course I imagined quite wrongly that now I would be left in peace. Not at all, I started getting even more requests from people who wanted jewelry or some other things that the other's hadn't got" (Jiri Mucha pp.137-38)



"[Documents Décoratifs is] . . . an encyclopedic source for Mucha's style in every branch of decorative and applied art and one of the few books on design where even individual plates are sought after by collectors." — Marina Henderson, The Graphic Style of Alphonse Mucha