Porteur d'Amphore (Amphora Carrier)
Blindstamp lower right in margin

Artist: Georges Desvallières French (1861-1950)

Title: Porteur d'Amphore (Amphora Carrier)

Plate: EM.70

Description: Condition A+

Original Lithograph,
issued by L'Estampe Moderne
Issue Number 18, Oct. 1898.
Printed by F. Champenois, Paris.
Blindstamp lower right in margin. 

Presented in 16 x 20 in. acid free, archival museum mat, with framing labels. Ready to frame. Shipped boxed flat.
Certificate of Authenticity.
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Sheet Size: 12 in x 16 in / 30.5 cm x 40.5 cm

Price: $295.00

Note: The gold inks used in the printing of this work are exceptional and photos do not show the overall effect and beauty of them. Greg 

One of the founders of the Salon d'Automne, a painter untied to any school,
George Desvallières defends the Fauvists, the Cubists and the Decorative Arts,
all before leading, during the First World War, his battalion of soldiers in the Vosges. Upon his return, he gives new life to religious art by creating the Ateliers d'Art Sacré.

Georges Desvallières ( French 1861-1950) self-portrait
"Desvallières’s powerful style is embodied in figures drawn from heroic antiquity and, later, in the deep expression of a religious faith rekindled by his experience of the First World War. Committed and engaged, Desvallières was an exceptional figure whose work immerses us in the creative world of the interwar years.

Desvallières combined an early rejection of academic teaching with a wide-ranging artistic curiosity. His style evolved towards a critical naturalism depicting the cosmopolitan nights of London and Montmartre. His involvement in the founding of the Salon d’Automne, first held at the Petit Palais in 1903, marked a turning point in his career.

Defying the critical attacks of the time, he opened the Salon’s doors to the Fauvists, then the Cubists. In his maturity he rediscovered his religious roots, and with the forceful backing of Léon Bloy he joined Georges Rouault in espousing a militant, socially conscious Christianity.
George Desvallières photo by Henri Manuel.

He was a battalion commander during the First World War, and when he returned from the front commissions for monuments made him one of the first artists to depict the unparalleled experience of the battlefield. Spiritually driven by his wartime sufferings, he became a leading advocate of a new sacred art, and with Maurice Denis he shaped a new generation of Christian artists.

Hailed at the Petit Palais’s Masters of Independent Art exhibition in 1937, the Desvallières oeuvre is once more in the limelight in this chronological account of the sixty years of his career. The monumental character of his paintings stand revealed in a constant tension between body and mind, between the carnal and the spiritual. (petitpalais.paris.fr)

 Mucha designed monthly Cover

Not unlike the Maitres de L'Affiche series, L'Estampe Moderne was a portfolio printed between 1897-98, published by Imprimerie Champenois, Paris, contained 24 monthly portfolios, with four original lithographs in each. Each commissioned only for this series. Some of the contributing artists included Mucha, Rhead, Meunier, Ibels, Steinlen, Willette and Grasset.