Nouveau Salon des cent, Hommage a Toulouse-Lautrec.

Artist: Javier Mariscal Spanish

Title: Nouveau Salon des cent, Hommage a Toulouse-Lautrec.

Plate: HL. 52

Description: Condition A+
Original poster 
from "Nouveau Salon des Cent" portfolio. Limited printing of only 380.
Printed in Paris, 2001. 
unbacked, shipped rolled via Fedex. 
Certificate of Authenticity.

Sheet Size: 29 in x 38 1/2 in 68 x 98cm

Price: $325.00

The Portfolio


The "Nouveau Salon des Cent" portfolio consists of a hundred posters created by one hundred of the best graphic designers of our time, from 24 different countries including China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Zimbabwe, the United-States and most of the European countries, as a tribute to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, for the Centenary of his death, 1901-2001. Initiated by the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum Partners' Club. In cooperation with the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum of Albi. The printing was limited to only 380. The posters have been exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world.


The Designer - Javier Mariscal


Javier Mariscal is born in Valencia in 1950.


At the age of 19 years we find him in Valencia, publishing El Senor del Caballito, his first character. He moves to Barcelona, studying at Escuela Elisava and founding El Rollo Enmascarado, an underground comic that is sold on the streets. In 1977 he holds his first individual exhibition, Gran Hotel, in which he transforms space into a multidisciplinary Hotel, with painted glass, hand-made sweaters, papier mache objects, editorial products and coloured canapes.


In 1989 Cobi is chosen as the Olympic mascot of Barcelona 92 and the exhibition '100 Years with Mariscal', produced by Mariscal himself, is held. A dismantled ship that has been emptied inside is used as a box to propose a comprehensive view of the thousands of supports forming Mariscal's work. Here we can already perceive a look, an attitude that serves as a thread, a nexus, a key. At the end, some computers where you can create and print your own Mariscal give the visitor the chance to carry off his or her own contribution. This same year Estudio Mariscal is born. Logotypes are designed and fashion bars are decorated. The team designs, together with Alfredo Arribas, the Acuarinto children's are a within the Huis ten Bosch park in Nagasaki (Japan).

This project combines architecture, interior design, graphic image, animation, merchandising and the new multimedia supports.


In 1996 Twipsy is chosen as the mascot of the Hanover 2000 World Expo. The development of the corporate and merchandising projects is carried out. 1998 marks the founding of Muviscal, a company devoted to audiovisual prodution. Muviscal produces the cartoon series Twipsy, formed by 52 chapters of 15 minutes. Twipsy is an Internet messenger who, through the confrontation of the real world and cyberspace, aims to visualize the new realities to the youngest audiences.


Estudio Mariscal produces Colors. This is a visual spectacle which combines an overhead projection screen, a protagonist-narrator who is a robot (Dimitri), 7 actors who are gymnasts, shadow-makers, dancers and stage-hands, 4 singing robots, a soundtrack and a lighting set-up. It is a tale in a humorous key in which the story of colours is told. Estudio Mariscal produced the collectable Diseno Grafico Salvat. This editorial project in 45 parts proposes a journey in the world of graphic design through concrete concepts and diverse attitudes at the cutting edge of design. At the moment Estudio Mariscal is developing various projects of interiorism for a hotel opposite the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, a theme park in southern Italy, a landscape project around the new municipal theatre in Mostoles and other graphic, audiovisual and editorial projects.


Javier Mariscal has never abandoned the more artistic aspect of his career and his work has been displayed in numerous individual and group exhibitions throughout this whole period. He also gives conferences in various parts of the world, shows his works and explains his professional experience to students of various disciplines.