Incantation/ Salammbo
Incantation/ Salammbo
Blindstamp lower right in margin

Artist: Alphonse Mucha Czech (1860-1939)

Title: Incantation/ Salammbo

Plate: em12a

Description: Condition A+
Original Lithograph,
issued by L'Estampe Moderne 
Issue Number 4, August 1897.
(as a special supplement)
Printed by F. Champenois, Paris. 
Blindstamp lower right in margin.
Signed in the stone lower left.

Presented in 16 x 20 in. acid free, archival museum mat, with framing labels. Ready to frame. Shipped boxed flat. 
Certificate of Authenticity.

Sheet Size: 12 in x 16 in 31 cm x 41 cm

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"Incantation/ Salammbo is perhaps the most beautiful of all of Mucha's Original lithographs and is my favorite Mucha."  Greg

A perfect set with Salome by Mucha, also for L'Estampe Moderne.
Proof for Mucha’s Incantation/Salammbo plate, which only appears in L’Estampe Moderne.

"Mucha was probably the single most famous and influential artist of the whole Art Nouveau movement in Europe. The lithograph he drew for L'Estampe Moderne, 'Salammbo- L'Incantation' is an outstanding example of the finest period of his decorative style…With it's combination of an exotic richness, an overt and luxuriant sensuality, and the marvelous flowing sinuous patterns of line and colour it created a whole new era of taste" (Weston No.1 1999, 28

Salammbo by Gaston Bussiere 1907

"Salammbo was the daughter of Hamilcar, the barbaric ruler of Crathage; in 1862, Gustave Flaubert wrote a romantic novel with her as a subject, in which she was searching for a magic veil (seen here trailing from her shoulder) that was supposed to aid her father in conquering the world. However, the veil's power proves to be illusory, Salambo dies shortly after finally obtaining it for naught"(Rennert PAI)

Gustave Flaubert (French 1821-1880) 'Salammbo' written in 1862, is an often stirring mixture and intertwining of the history of the Punic Wars and of the myths held by the people of ancient Carthage.... Hamilcar's daughter, the lovely and exotically beautiful Salammbo. Her conniving to recapture the Zaimph from Matho, the Libyan leader of the Barbarians, includes some of the most erotic passage in 19th century literature. Her pet serpent figures very prominently in these scenes. A priest advises Salammbo that without reobtaining the Zaimph, an important holy relic in their possession, Carthage is doomed to defeat" (WebReview)

Mucha Cover

Not unlike the Maitre de L'Affiche series, L'Estampe Moderne was a portfolio printed between 1897-98, published by Imprimerie Champenois, Paris, contained 24 monthly portfolios, with four original lithographs in each. Each commissioned only for this series. As well as Mucha, some of the contributing artists included Rhead, Meunier, Ibels, Steinlen, Willette and Grasset. This is from the series with the blindstamp in the margin lower right corner.