Harper's August

Artist: Edward Penfield American (1866-1925)

Title: Harper's August

Plate: PM.35

Description: Condition A.
Original lithograph from the "Das Moderne Plakat" series, View entire collection (50) 
Printed by Verlag von Gerhard Kuhtmann, Dresden, 1897.
Presented in 16 x 20 in. acid free, archival museum mat, with framing labels. Ready to frame. Shipped boxed flat. 
Certificate of Authenticity.

Plakat Sheet Size: 8 1/2 in x 11 1/4 in 21 cm x 29 cm

Price: $125.00

"Is she pouting because she's forgotten her copy of Harper’s? Maybe so."


"At the beach, a fashionably overdressed young woman waits impatiently for the barely more daringly attired smoking swimmer to muster his conversational courage. A wonderfully succinct graphic narrative." (Rennert, PAI-XLIV, 429)


Check out edwardpenfield.com - a wonderful look at the artist and his work


"One of the best of our native talents, Penfield is well-known for the decade 1891-1901, during which he was the art director of Harper's. For five of the ten years he produced posters for each month's issue of the then popular magazine. His drawings are deceptively simple, with flat colour and clear lines, but they always manage to convey class and refinement. And there's quite often a gentle touch of humour or irony, refreshing and frivolous. Penfield's posters are models of effective composition and economy of expression " (Rennert, PAI-XXVII, 555)