Bruant au Mirliton (every night)

Artist: Toulouse-Lautrec French (1864-1901)

Title: Bruant au Mirliton (every night)

Plate: TL. 11

Description: Condition A.

Lithograph from "Les Affiches de Toulouse-Lautrec" series. 
Printed by Mourlot Freres, Paris, 1967.
Presented in 16 x 20 in. acid free, archival museum mat, with framing labels. Ready to frame. Shipped boxed flat via FedEx.
Certificate of Authenticity.

Sheet Size: 10 1/2 in x 14 1/2 in 27 cm x 37 cm

Price: $125.00

"This is the rarest of the three uses made of this image (3 text variations), and apparently the original one. The bold stance of Aristide Bruant is what makes all three stand out. Although we cannot see his face, somehow we get the impression that this is a forceful and self-styled character, and he certainly was. A true performer of the people who traded insults with his patrons and cut an unforgettable figure among the denizens of Montmartre"(Rennert, PAI-XVI, 487)


During the 1960s the renowned French printer, Mourlot Freres, printed this superb series "Les Affiches de Toulouse-Lautrec" for collectors. They are reduced lithographic versions of Lautrec's most famous works. They are truly the most beautiful printing we have been able to find in this size format.

As vintage printings of Lautrec's work, in all formats, reach high prices, this mid-century printing offers a superb alternative at a reasonable price that will only appreciate in value.