Collection: Roger Bissiere (French, 1888–1964)

A French painter associated with the École de Paris. Having befriended André Lhote and George Braque  in Paris, Bissière was encouraged to develop a more humanized version of Cubism. As such, he enriched orthodox Cubism by applying the Fauve technique of heavy brushwork to its usual pictorial vocabulary. Simultaneously, Bissière was engaged by Pablo Picasso's research into advancing Cubism, which brought him to Neo-Classicism. Bissière’s unremitting investigations into the survival of Cubism ultimately pushed him to abstraction. (
  • Bissiere Exhibition 1959

    Roger Bissiere, French (1888-1964)

    Bissiere Exhibition 1959

    ML. 05

    Original Lithograph, backed on linen.
    printed by Ateliers Mourlot in Paris 1959.
    Special Provenance: This original exhibition poster was part of a...

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