Le Pavillon Royal

Artist: Leon Constant Duval French (1877–1956)

Title: Le Pavillon Royal

Plate: LPR

Description: Condition B+

minor restored creases
Original colour stone lithograph 

Printed by Imprimerie Lucien Serre, Paris ca. 1925
Backed on linen. 

Shipped Rolled FedEx

Certificate of Authenticity.

Poster Size: 29 1/2 in x 41 1/2 in / 75 cm x 105.5 cm

Price: Sold

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"A sun-kissed Helenistic building beneath an orange, brown, and green tree; in the distance a pink sunset meets the light blue sea." (Swann)
Le Pavillion Royal 

"The text reads: The Pavillion Royal, near Biarritz, the sea, the mountains, the forest, the club, the restaurant, the afternoon tea, the galas. Sounds like more than enough reason to pack your bags for a trip to the Côte Basque, doesn’t it? But a little architectural opulence never hurts. So, if the central residence in this Constant-Duval creation appears a bit, shall we say regal, that’s because the manse situated on an isolated stretch of the Pavillon Royal beach adjacent to Biaritz – in Bidart to be precise – it’s a copy of the royal palace in Belgrade. Constructed in 1893, the “Palais Sacchino” as it was known, would serve as the residence of the exiled Natalija Obrenovic (1859-1941), Queen of Serbia. After her death, the estate would pass into the hands of Pierre-Georges Latécoère (1883-1943), an aeronautics pioneer, who in addition to manufacturing aircraft, founded the first airline that operated from France to Africa and South America. Duval, who created numerous posters for the French railways beginning in 1913, had his own advertising studio in Levallois." (Rennert)
 Biarritz beach scene ca. 1910

Constant Duval (1877–1956) was a French artist and poster designer born in Champlau, Yonne, France. Between 1910 and the nationalization of the French railways in 1937, Duval created posters for the different French railway companies, illustrating sites accessible by the railway. His posters were printed as lithographs in Paris by the printer 
Champenois until 1920. As a painter, Duval exhibited at the Salon d'Automne in Paris in 1904, the Salon des Indépendants, the Salon des artistes français, and the Salon d'hiver. (doaks.org)