Saxoleine 1893
Saxoleine 1893
Saxoleine 1893

Artist: Jules Cheret French (1836-1932)

Title: Saxoleine 1893


Description: Condition A+

Original colour stone lithograph 
Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris 1893.  
Backed on linen. 
Reference: Broido, 947; Maindron, 786; DFP-II, 243
Shipped Rolled 
Certificate of Authenticity.

Poster Size: 34 1/2 in x 49 in / 87.6 cm x 124.5 cm

Price: $2150.00

"This is the most rare of the many designs Cheret did for Saxoleine and certainly the most vibrant, elegant, and beautiful, in my opinion." Greg

"Long before advertising science began to talk product recognition, Cheret was creating it with his Saxoleine posters. He started out by creating a homey atmosphere with warm friendly colours around the lamp; he then placed an attractive homemaker in close relation to the lamp and let her show pleasure at having such a bright light to illuminate the room. The product itself, a bottle of kerosene, is not shown. But Cheret knew that women would aspire to the beauty and high spirits of his model" (Gold p.20) Selection of Victorian oil lamps available from 'Spiers & Pond's', hardware department 1898.

"Cheret shows great virtuosity in applying the basic rules for attracting attention. Without making any direct reference to a product, the classic eye-catcher, female charm, ranging from near wickedness to domestic respectability, is introduced at precisely the right stop and made symbolic.  (Paris 1900 p.40)

"Chéret once again demonstrates his ability to generate newfound interest with fundamentally consistent elements. Note how the warm red of the background adds a homey atmosphere without the clutter of domestic details." (Rennert)