Collection: Maurice Brianchon (French 1899-1979)

Maurice Brianchon
 is known as one of the Painters of Poetic Reality. He attended É’cole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and moved to Spain shortly after to study the paintings of Spanish Masters. His early work is characterized by dynamic images of the theatre, street scenes, and horse races – showing his love for life and youth. 
Brianchon was strongly influenced by artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard.  By the time he came of age in the early 1920s the art scene had changed. Brianchon stylistically stayed attached to art that could be called neo-classical. His later work is more relaxed and contemplative, mostly painting still-life and landscapes. Later on, Brianchon returned to Paris to teach at É’cole des Arts Décoratifs, where his teachings had a profound impact and influence on the next generation of artists. (
  • Brianchon Exhibition 1956

    Maurice Brianchon, French (1899-1979)

    Brianchon Exhibition 1956

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    Original Lithograph, backed on linen.
    printed by Ateliers Mourlot in Paris 1956.
    Special Provenance: This original exhibition poster was part of a...

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