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Artist: Jules Cheret French (1836-1932)

Plate: Pastilles

Title: Pastilles Poncelet

Description: Condition A+ Mint
Original colour stone lithograph
Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris. 1896
This is the rare smaller format of the poster, slightly larger than the Courrier Français edition. Backed on linen.

Reference: Broido 909a.

Certificate of Authenticity.
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Poster Size: 15 1/2 in x 22 1/2 in
  39.3 cm x 57.1 cm

Price: $1950.00 USD Mint Condition

"With consummate mastery, this poster does credit to the artist as both illustrator and poster designer. . . . Its dynamic hinges on the opposition between the violence of the storm and the serene resistance of the young girl. . . . This symbolism is engaged to support the message of the publicity slogan ['For Colds-Coughs-Bronchitis']. Pastilles Poncelet were made from tar, licorice, ipecac, codeine and potassium chlorate."  (Health Posters, p.31)

Jules Cheret

"The girl in the red dress and hat is doing her best to fend off the elements in this poster for cough tablets. It's highly unusual to see a Chéret girl in anything but the most exuberant spirits, but here he makes her look a little wistful." (Rennert)

Jules Cheret

"The achievement of Cheret was to create a world of explosive happiness, and to paste it on the walls of Paris. As a painter he will be remembered for what Huysmans calls his 'spirit of nervous gaiety', as a lithographer for his superb technique, and as a poster artist for being the ancestor of all modern advertising." (Abdy p.36)

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