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The Beggarstaffs

Sir William Nicholson
  English (1872-1949)
James Pryde
  Scottish (1866-1941)

The Beggarstaffs (Sir William Nicholson, English, 1872-1949 & James Pryde, Scottish, 1866-1941) Under the pseudonym, they virtually created the modern poster, with clear outlines and large areas of flat colour. Perhaps the most influential graphic designers of all time.

Greg's recommended reading:
The Beggarstaff Posters
by Colin Campbell.

The Beggarstaffs - Sir William Nicholson - Poster Gallery
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"Graphic designers around the world have been influenced by the brilliant genius of Beggarstaff." 

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From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.16 printed 1896

Don Quixote
From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.63 printed 1897

From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.107 printed 1898

From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.168 printed 1899

A Trip to Chinatown
From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.184 printed 1899

From "Maitre de l'Affiche"
PL.232 printed 1900
Sold To Request

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