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Yaneff International Fine Art Celebrating over 44 years as a family business.
Having evolved from two storefront art galleries. The first opening in 1975, selling contemporary to turn of the century original Paintings, drawings, and prints, to solely internet based Yaneff.com dealing almost exclusively in smaller format original vintage posters. We have become the world's largest dealer of "Les Maitres des L"Affiche" and similar antique series from the turn of the century.

The collection is constantly being added to and searching is done on behalf of our clients for the best condition and value posters around the world.

Chris Yaneff

Yaneff.com is run by Greg Yaneff Greg will assist you in all aspects of buying, selling and researching vintage posters.
"The key to my success is to provide the very best personal customer service there is. I treat my clients the way I would like to be treated. I strive to go above and beyond their expectations, appreciate their business, and give them the most positive experience possible. If my clients are happy, I am happy."

Celebrating over 44 years as a family business!

Good memories. Chris Yaneff (1938-2004) and Greg Yaneff
at a Vintage poster Show in New York over 10 years ago.

Chris Yaneff
Yaneff International Fine Art and the Yaneff Gallery was founded in 1975 by the world renowned graphic designer and respected art collector Chris Yaneff. He was elected to the Royal Academy of Art in 1977, and was an art adviser to many collectors and a Corporate Image consultant to major corporations throughout Europe and North America.
View some of his poster designs.

"For years Original Posters by Masters like Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, Mucha, Cheret and Cassandre have far exceeded many other forms of Investment. Unlike stocks and bonds, Original Posters can be enjoyed for their beauty as well as their Investment values in the International Art Market." Chris Yaneff RCA

Testimonials from around the world:

Greg, The Cheret is gorgeous.  I love it!  Just planned the framing with the decorator so we could take care of getting it framed soon. Thank you. 
M.T. Texas, USA

Hi Greg: As you said:  the poster is gorgeous!!  It was packed so incredibly well, it would have survived any amount of trauma!  My wife and I love the poster. 
Thank you a ton! 
C.B Massachusetts, USA

Hello Greg, The "Hamlet" poster is exactly as described; it will be a fine addition to the other works you've provided us over many years. It's such a pleasure to have developed a trusting relationship with someone who so obviously has such passion for his profession. Thank you again for your efforts to source the poster and your characteristic follow-through, including the superb packaging. Best regards,
E.T. Colorado, USA

Wow Greg, My Mucha 'Bieres de la Meuse' arrived this morning!! Talk about quick. It's beautiful as only a Mucha can be!! Many thanks for the generous additional Chagall print - it too is beautiful. I was overwhelmed to receive it!
M.P. Australia

Hi Greg, "La Dame Aux Camelias" arrived. I opened it right away. She is beautiful as I knew she would be. And thank you for the cover page from the Steinlen issue... a very nice surprise. I love having the history of these special pieces. Thanks again,
D.M. Colorado USA

Hi Greg, The material arrived. You did a fabulous job with the packing. Very solid. So the Beggarstaffs arrived in best shape. Frankly, I am surprised about the quality. I expected the paper to show some wear and tear over the years. I am already looking forward having them framed properly. Thank you also for the certificates and the bonus material. I am sure my son will like it very much. Thanks a lot. Super service. Greetings and cheers from Frankfurt,
W.K. Franfurt, Germany

Hi Greg, The Steinlen posters arrived this morning. They are absolutely fabulous. I can't decide which is my favorite as they are both very very special. I can hardly wait to get them framed. Buying from you is a pleasure. I appreciate your attention to every detail. Thank you so much.
D.M. Colorado, USA

Hello Greg, The Mucha poster and accompanying documentation arrived in fine condition and I've been admiring it. I'm really delighted with it. I'm so pleased to finally have Mucha represented in our University's collection! Regards,
L.W. Washington, DC

Bellisima! I received "Venise" this afternoon - really impressed with the secure packaging. It is just as you said - great condition, beautiful color, etc. and this size is perfect for my needs. I look forward to checking your site periodically; I know the temptation will be considerable. My best,
J.M. Pennsylvania, USA

Hello Greg, Yes the poster did arrive ahead of time. This was a most pleasant surprise, on a Friday afternoon. As you indicated in your e-mail, it is a wonderful work of art. Thank you for looking after us again. The framing on the Cheret and de Feure is almost complete. They look great. Once again many thanks. We hope to meet you one day. Very best regards,
R.M. Wellington, New Zealand

Greg, Posters arrived...they look great!
J.N. Virginia USA

Greg, We were able to pick up the poster from the FedEx office. Thank you so much for the wonderful packaging, great poster at a great price and your very special thank you. Hope to talk with you soon. In the meantime, we will watch for your e-mails.
L.E. Illinois USA

Greg the La Samaritaine arrived and is lovely and looks great with the Gismonda I bought from you.
D.T. Australia

Hey Greg, Received the poster today. Thanks for the fast delivery and extremely well packaged poster. It looks great. I will send you a picture once it is framed and hanging in our kitchen. I really appreciate the great service that you provide. My wife commented on how nice it is to get a hand written note with the poster, I agree. Thanks again,
M.T. New York USA

I received the poster today. It is lovely. Thanks again for having a wonderful sale right before my husband's birthday
K.B. Washington, DC

Hi Greg, The Gismonda has arrived (last week, but because I was travelling I did not see it until yesterday). I never thought I would own one of the Mucha posters and am really pleased with it. Just need to add a frame and it will be hung in pride of place. Many thanks,
D.T. Australia

Hi Greg, I received Chatelaine yesterday and she is beautiful. Thank you so much for the careful packaging and attention to detail. I could not be happier. I'm also enjoying your e-mails, Thanks again,
K.R. Saskatoon, Canada

I love it!! Thank you so much! My kids and I especially liked the history of posters video on your website. Thank you, thank you.
J.A. California USA

Hi Greg, I received the Lautrec lithograph today, and I am incredibly happy with it!! He is one of my favourite artists! Thank you for such prompt delivery, I look forward to my next purchase! Cheers,
N.P. Australia

Hello Greg The posters have just been delivered and I am so happy with them. They are absolutely what I wanted and as you described. They were beautifully packed and I could not be more pleased. A truely professional service. Thank you so much, Kindest regards,
A.B. United Kingdom

Hi Greg: Just to let you know that the Hankar lithograph arrived this morning, and I am very pleased with it. It is really a gem in my view. Thanks also for the kind note. Best wishes,
B.G. Victoria, Canada

Greg - It looks great, you did an mazing job with the packing. Planning to order again. Thanks,
J.N. Virginia, USA

Just wanted to drop you a line. The Job by Mucha is beautiful. Thanks for helping me acquire it. It will compliment Mucha's Salon de Cent that I purchased from you. I hope to purchase additional posters from the Maitres de l Affiche series in the future with you.
R.T. Texas USA

Hi Greg, I just want to let you know that I received the poster today and I absolutely love it. I had my eye on this one for a while but it was sold out. Thank you again for reducing the price. I wish you a nice week. Best regards,
A.G. Florida USA

Greg, The poster has arrived as scheduled. You do the most amazing job of packing. Thanks so much. I love it. Best to you in the New Year.
S.B. Beverly Hills USA

The Divan Japonais is gorgeous. breathtaking actually. Thank you!!!
T.L. New York USA

Hi Greg - Thank you for the follow-up! Yes! We love the Moulin Rouge - it's fabulous! Happy New Year to you!
L.B. California USA

Greg, The posters and lithographs arrived today. They are wonderful! The Cheret Scaramouche affiche is perfect. The hand-painted models are absolutely lovely. We could not be more pleased. And my daughter in Australia picked up her's that you sent. All is well. By the way, I had also contacted Gail Chisolm in NY about purchasing Maîtres d'affiches or des Affiches Illustrees. I have purchased a few things from her before. She said to contact her friend, Greg Yaneff. Happy Holidays. We will definitely keep in touch.
S.A. California USA

Greg, received Mucha's Salon des cent today... VERY NICE!
J.C. Kentucky USA

Thanks Greg, I received the posters & they look great!
Best Wishes to you and your family,
A.G. California USA

Hi Greg, I just opened the Mucha. It's gorgeous! It's so perfect, it's hard to believe its real. It's just as beautiful as you described. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to acquire it. I really appreciate your remembering me. It does have a good home. Have a good weekend. Best,
S.I. Connectiut USA

Hi Greg, I got the Hamlet and Don Quixote Beggarstaffs today. They look absolutely fantastic, as if they were printed yesterday. The images are spectacular. We will cherish them. Thanks again!
Boston USA

Thanks again Greg. Every one of the Mucha's are perfect.
M.B. Boston USA

Hello Greg, I received the lovely De Riquer poster yesterday. I love it and can't wait to get it framed! Many thanks once again. Yours truly,
J.B. Oregon USA

Greg, I received the posters yesterday and they're gorgeous. My wife particularly likes the Lecons de violon, but I love them all. Have a great weekend. Kind regards,
A.R. Chicago USA

Hi Greg, The Contratto arrived today. I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you so much. Can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall. Enjoy the rest of your week. All the best,
G.M. Australia

Hi Greg, I did receive the Absinthe Robette poster today in good condition. Thank you for your usual great service and for having such a wonderful collection of original poster art. I hope that things are well and that you have a nice weekend. All the best,
M.S. Maryland USA

Greg - Got it - best packing job I've ever seen - poster is just as expected remarkable how fresh it is given age - must never have been displayed.
Looking forward to the others.
G.A. Toronto

Greg, I love the poster.
M.G. Philadelphia USA

Hi Greg I received all three posters today and they all look great! Thanks.
J.K. Oregon USA

Good afternoon Greg. Received my Mucha this morning. It is absolutely beautiful. The poster was well packaged and protected. Thanks for keeping me updated on the status of delivery. It will be a great addition to my collection of posters.
R.T. Texas USA

Dear Greg, I received "Absinthe Robette" about an hour ago. It is definitely one of my favorite nouveau images and I am thrilled to have it in my possession at last! Thank you so much.
L.C. California USA

Hi Greg! Received the poster and it's beautiful. Took it right to the framers and I am so excited to see it done. Thanks again.
K.M. Denver USA

Hi Greg, Well, my three Cherets are here. I'm so glad you suggested getting the set of his Theatre de L'Opera. They are beautiful!!! As always, you could not have packed them any better-true perfection. Thank you so much. Best,
R.M. Virginia USA

Greg - Just to let you know the prints arrived safely today. They are very beautiful. Thanks so much and have a Merry Christmas! Regards,
R.N. Tennessee USA

Greg all the posters came in excellent condition and they look great, You do a terrific presentation with documentation et all. Please keep an eye out for the list I gave you and let me know when they become available. Again many thanx for your help.

Dear Greg, I opened it today and gave it to my friend today, on her birthday. The internet image does not do justice to the actual piece. You are right -- it is beautiful; and my friend loved it. Thank you for the alacrity with which you sent it. Thank you also for tracking the delivery, for your care in packing the image, and for your note. It has been a pleasure getting this from you and a thoroughly positive experience. I have my eye on one or two things that you have on the website and will be in touch with you when I can. I hope your time in San Francisco was rewarding and enjoyable.

Hi Greg. I received the Henri Cassiers poster yesterday.... wonderful poster and well packaged. It was a real pleasure dealing with you. Thanks for everything.
A.S. Spain

Greg I'm beyond thrilled! I received my packages today. It's a stunner! Thank you so very much for your generosity!!! I'm ecstatic to include the Rhead in my collection. What a great surprise. It's these little acts of kindness & generosity that have no doubt created and kept your loyal customers. I know I am a "Lifer". The "Messaline" is more beautiful than I remember. I can't wait to frame it! I know the rest of your sale will be super successful! Have a great summer and take care & sincerely, thank you again!
M.F. Chicago, USA

Hi Greg, I received my Cherets yesterday and they are absolutely stunning. They are every bit as beautiful as you said. Their condition is perfect and the colors are vivid. I don't think they could have been packaged in a more secure and protective way. I really appreciate the background information for each poster to be put on the back when framed and course, the certificates of authenticity. Thank you so much for all your help and patience. It is such a pleasure to deal with you. I plan to make my first Cherets the start of many more. Best regards,

R.M. Virginia USA

Dear Greg, I am so much enjoying the Cappiello. It is today up in our new home in Switzerland. I bought it for a specific wall in our house in Denmark, upon moving I was tempted to store it because of it's size. Today however it is up in our new home and now it gives grace to both dining area and living room :-) Kind Regards,
T.K. Switzerland

Hello Greg. We received the Hippodrome poster today in good order. Thanks very much. I'm glad we now have an original Cheret poster in the collection at the Library. It is a beautiful example. I'll watch for other posters as well.
S.G. Illinois USA

The Pan poster and box were delivered, contents were perfect. The corner tabs you used are cool. Please don't have too many more sales...you are killing me.
Pan awaits a frame.
A.T. Arizona USA

Thanks Greg! The posters arrived and they are lovely. I appreciate the information on each piece that you included as well as the certificates of authenticity. I also appreciate how well they were packaged and protected for the journey! I look forward to framing and hanging these great pieces!
J.W. Ohio USA

Dear Greg, My Cheret arrived today. It's beautiful!! Thank you for all your assistance! You'll be hearing from me in the future. Best Regards! Saludos.
C.P. Mexico

Hi Greg, Poster arrived before 8am this morning (fast delivery). I am absolutely delighted with it, many thanks. Untill the next time, my very best wishes,
S.R. England

Hello Mr. Yaneff, This is to confirm that we received the Cheret and we are enjoying it already. Thank you very much for finding it for us. Regards,
L.T. Chicago USA

Hi Greg: Got the poster yesterday and it is beautiful.
O.I. Michigan USA

Thanks for the note and the great price, and it was great to see you as well. We were happy to hear you were having a great show, and every time we recognized a navy blue "Yaneff" bag along Michigan Avenue throughout the weekend we said, "Another one for Greg!" We look forward to keeping an eye on your offerings and continuing to build our collection. Best wishes,
T.K. Chicago USA

Hey Greg, It was a pleasure to meet you as well at the Chicago Poster Fair. Yes, I am quite pleased with my two Canadian War posters that I got from you. They look great and were very reasonably priced. I will check out your site from time to time in case you get any more WWI posters. Thanks again, and take care,
C.S. Missouri USA

Hi Greg! Poster arrived today (ammmaaazzzing!) Can't wait to make it a wonderful addition to my apt. Thx sooo much. Look fwd to see you next yr.
C.P. Chicago USA

Hello Greg, Arrived today - absolutely stunning. A 40th anniversary present to ourselves and very special; we can see why it's one of your favorites. It arrived beautifully packaged (and safe) as always. Hope the show has been very successful. Regards,
E.T. Colorado USA

Greg, Wanted to let you know that we recieved the poster this morning.
It's wonderful as always! Thanks again,
A.B. Illinois USA

Greg, It was nice to see you after all these years. We really like the poster.
R.R. Toronto Canada

Hi, Greg - Thrilled with the poster! Thanks so much... Hope to see you at the Chicago Posterfair. Best,
M.K. Illinois USA

Hi Greg "Pick-Me-Up" arrived safely. Fabulous! Can't wait to hang it. It will be an addition to my very small collection. All the best
V.R.H. London England

Greg, "Chat Noir" arrived Friday, and it is off to the framers. Thanks very much.
E.H. California USA

Hi Greg. Received the Lautrecs. Very happy with them. Thanks
R.W. Georgia USA

Dear Mr. Yaneff: My two posters just arrived, they are just as beautiful as I expected. Thank you very much. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
M.J. New York USA

Hi Greg, The piece has arrived safely and is "perfectly perfect."
Thank you very much. Best,
K.G. Georgia USA

I received the Steinlen "Comiot" and it's more beautiful than I imagined. Just a gorgeous image-- I'm very glad I added it to my collection. Thanks also for the information/images for the upcoming Swann auction. Kind regards,
A.R. Chicago USA

Dear Greg - Yes the poster looks great. Thank you for following up on it. We are looking forward to having it on our wall soon. Thanks again,
J.K. California USA

Greg - Got the Contratto - It is amazing! I can't wait to get it to the framer's so I can hang it in my dining room. Thanks again!
A.D. Colorado USA

Happy new year to you as well. received the poster today. beautiful.
M.N. California USA

Greg; Wow. They look great. Thank you so much. I must tell you that oury Christmas has just been made a little brighter. We want to stay in touch, and certainly have more we would want to do. Keep us on your mailing list and announcements. After the first of the year I also want to look at other pieces. Have a wonderful Holiday Season... again, thanks.
G.C. South Carolina USA

Greg, I received today the beautiful Cappiello and the gorgeous Steinlen just in time for the holidays! My collection is getting better all the time. Thanks again for bringing these to my attention. Have a very happy holiday season and New Year! Regards,
A.R. Chicago USA

Greg, Package arrived last night and it is beautiful. Mounting is perfect and the colors are very fresh. My wife will love this piece. Thank you for all of your help (as always), and I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas.
P.H. Wisconsin USA

Hi Greg, The Mucha actually arrived yesterday. It's absolutely gorgeous and the gold is amazing under a spotlight. I'm really pleased to finally have it. Thanks again. S.B. California USA

I got it. It's great! Thanks for your help. I'm sure we'll do more business in the future. H.M. Alabama USA

Hi Greg, Thank you!! "Sada Yacco " came over to me from you. These lithographs make me happy!!
M.T. Tokyo Japan

Good evening Greg, The poster arrived and it is even more beautiful than I remember and I truly believe my wife's heart will skip a bit when she finally sees it. In all my years I have never seen a poster packaged up so professionally... I hope you will keep me on your mailing list as I feel I may be purchasing from you again in the future...I've already sent along your website to a friend who is redecorating her house and has an affinity for Paris (but she can't have my poster!). Thank you again and I wish you the very best this Holiday season...
J.L. California USA

Cheret's Pippermint arrived, evidently in mint condition. I will have the framer do the hard work. Many thanks. Best of the holiday season to you.
A.T. Arizona USA

Hello Greg, I really am enjoying my poster. I had it framed and it hangs in my library/work room at home. Thank you for your good wishes for Thanksgiving and I wish you the same. See you next year at the fair.
M.C. California USA

Hello Greg, I just wanted to let you know that the posters we purchased from you in San Francisco have arrived in perfect condition. I have taken them to my framer already. I know that we will enjoy them very much. Thank you for your help. Regards,
J.M. Texas USA

Hi Greg, Poster arrived today in perfect condition. It is really gorgeous and making me very happy. After God I think amazing art gives me the most joy, but then art is a spiritual experience for some people. Thanks again, have a great weekend! Cheers,
K.M. Arizona USA

Greg, I received the Hohenstein today and it's beautiful. My collection keeps getting better and better. Thanks again. Kind regards,
A.R. Chicago, USA

Hi Greg -- The poster has arrived. Thanks so much for shipping it so quickly! It is a beauty. My best,
C.G. Maryland, USA

Hello Greg, The poster arrived. What a marvelous job of packing you did. Thanks. We plan to come to San Francisco for the show. Looking forward to meeting you, S.B. Beverly Hills, USA

Wow! That piece is fantastic. Is it really that old? Are all of your prints that pristine? Probably see you here in San Francisco in Oct.

D.C. San Francisco, USA

Hello Greg, Arrived safely and superbly packaged as always. You're right - a very beautiful and serene image. Very best.
E.T. Colorado, USA

Hi Greg, FedEx delivered on Tuesday. All is fine. The packing is exceptional and I really appreciate your sending the cover sheet. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. I look forward to hearing from you if you are able to secure the Lautrec Maitres. Thanks for everything,
B.B. New York, USA

Hello Greg, Your beautiful work of art arrived today!!! Thank you... I will need to get a frame now and then find my framer... Cheers,
R.S. California, USA

Greg, We received the posters today and they look fantastic. Thanks,
J.K. Oregon, USA

Good morning Greg, I have received the Cappiello and I'm am very pleased. It was just as you described, excellent condition with vibrant colors. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.
R.M. Maryland, USA

Dear Mr. Yaneff, I am extremely pleased. The Les Maitre de L'Affiches, Plate #106, arrived today. It is to be a gift to my son, who collects these. I especially appreciate the description and background sheet that you enclosed - along with the Certificate of Authenticity. THANK YOU so very much for making this transaction such a pleasant experience. Sincerely,
N.R. Indiana, USA

Dear Greg, Good news! The Sems arrived safely today; excellent packing and no extra charges. They are great and the information labels and authentications are all superb and very professional. Well done, I am delighted. It was a pleasure doing buisness with you. Kindest regards,
R.C. England

Print arrived, in good shape and well packaged. Thanks Greg. All the best,
A.K. Illinois, USA

Hello Greg, The Rhead poster arrived monday. Thanks again for sending it so carefully. Like the Meunier the quality of the lithograph is excelent. What beautiful colours! With regards,
M.L. The Netherlands

Hi Greg, I received the Christiansen poster yesterday and love it. Thanks for your usual great care in packaging and obtaining a first class poster for my collection. I hope that you have a great weekend. All the best,
M.S. Maryland, USA

Dear Greg, I have just received the poster. I am so happy to have it here...
Thank You so much
T.V. Denmark

Hi Greg, Have got the "Cheret" today, thanks allot for the quick, nice handling :)!! Cheers,
D.R. Vienna, Austria

Greg - I just got and opened the Maitre and it is WONDERFUL ! It is lovely and beautiful, as you said. Very good ! A great image. I am very happy and pleased. Thanks so much. It came safe and sound, expertly packed, as usual.
I.T. Maryland, USA

Greg, The Cheret's arrived this morning and are flawless. They are my very first Maitre's and you presented them with such great care. I appreciate the documentation so I don't have to do too much more research when I show them off. I hope to find something else from you soon.
R.D. Dallas, USA

Good morning, Greg. The Harper's cover by Beggarstaff arrived yesterday and, as you say, it is superb. Many thanks for your help and I look forward to my next purchase from your splendid collection. With best regards,
M.J. Chicago, USA

Hi Greg, I can't even tell you how much this exceeded my expectations! The Inland Printer "is" gorgeous, and in mint condition; I am so thrilled; I just love it! Your website and packaging are unlike any other I've dealt with online ... very classy and professional. It has been a such a pleasure working with you. Thanks so much for the birthday gift. :-) Kind Regards,
L.B. California, USA

Hi Greg, I wanted to make sure I told you that I received my new, beautiful Berthon arrived on Friday! As usual, it was packaged perfectly, and it was a bit like Xmas morning! It is an incredible piece... and could be my favorite so far!!! I can't wait to get it up on the wall!! Also thank you for including the cover sheet... that was a wonderful surprise when I opened it. Thanks so much for all your hard work in tracking it down! I am so pleased to add it to my collection. I will be sure to send you a picture of the framed final product :). Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Take Care,
J.J. Washington, USA

Greetings Greg! The print arrived yesterday as promised safe and sound. I dropped it off at the framers this afternoon. Can't wait to see it on the wall with the other two. I appreciate that you included the vintage cover letter. As always it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Best regards,
D.C. Tampa FL, USA

Thanks very much. You are a wonderful and caring dealer to deal with and buy from. Have a great holiday season. I will let you know when the Cheret arrives.
I will find a place of honor in my house for it !
I.T. Maryland USA

Greg, I received the Mucha today and it's gorgeous! Thanks for the accompanying lithograph as well. I look forward to the Poster Fair in Chicago next March and have marked my calendar. Have a great holiday season. Regards,
A.R. Chicago, USA

Dear Greg, The Cocteau poster arrived today. It's a great print. You may miss it, but it's found a good home! Thanks for the speedy service. Best regards,
J. K. Ohio, USA

Hi Greg, I have just received the Cheret. Great package. What a pleasure to work with a true professional! Thanks a million and see you at the show. Take care,
F.D. San Francisco, USA

Hi Greg. It is beautiful! I love it. (and it was so nicely packaged too.) Thanks!
C.Y. Dallas, USA

Greg, Posters arrived today in perfect order. They are every bit as good as I expected, even better! Thank you very much. Until the next time....
Yours sincerely,
T.S. Western Australia

Dear Greg, I have received the poster this afternoon and I must say that I am amazed, it is gorgeous. I would like to also thank you for the gesture (La revue blanche) it was very kind. Everything went very smoothly and if I do look for an other piece, I will definitely contact you. p.s La Reine de Joie is for my boyfriend's b. day, and this will make him very happy... Merci beaucoup.

C.O. France

I just got the two CHERET's delivered by Fed Ex to my house. They are lovely - just like the photos on your website, and expertly packaged and shipped. Amazingly nice and professional packaging on your part. Wonderfully done and safe. I will take them to my local framer and go from there. I will let you know about any other purchases I would consider from your items, once I get these framed this coming week. Once again, it was a real pleasure, and they are very very nice indeed. Have a good weekend!
I.T. Maryland, USA

Hello, The gorgeous posters have arrived! Thank you, they are lovely and are due at the framers on Saturday. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and as I already have my eye on a couple of others of yours, it will undoubtedly not be long until we're in touch again! All the best,
J.G. London, England

Hi Greg, Received the poster, it is nicer in person than on the web site.
Thank you, good luck at the shows this fall. Best regards,
B.S. New York, USA

Hello Greg, the "Chat Noir" did arrive safely and its wonderful.
Thank you very much. Regards,
E.T. Colorado, USA

Hi Greg. got the Cappiello poster and it is wonderful. It is definitely a keeper! thank you so much. cheers,
S.S. Los Angeles, USA

The prints look good and make a wonderful addition to our small but hopefully growing collection. Thanks for your responsiveness, follow up, and overall extremely easy process as well as the wonderful sale and free shipping. I always read your emails, and look forward to purchasing again soon. All the best,
T. K. Milwaukee, USA

Dear Greg Yaneff, Last Friday received the Lautrec. It looks very fine and the packing was 100%, and the speed of the shipment was OK also !!!! Thanks for the professional and friendly communication. Yours,
C.D. The Netherlands

Dear Greg, I received the Four Arts plates and they are absolutely, totally stunning! The colors are so crisp and vibrant, they remind me of some old masterpieces by Gian Battista Tiepolo, a painter active in Italy in the 18th Century. I'll have them framed immediately and I think I already know on which wall they are going to end hanged up! As usual your wrapping and packaging are perfect. Till the next time! Cheers,
A.M. Gold Coast, Australia

Greg, I can't stop staring at my new treasures. They are beyond beautiful.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and the quality of your shipping & handling couldn't be better. Thanks again and best wishes,
B.W. Arizona, USA

Greg, The Bertozzi was received in perfect condition. Colors are great and the condition is near perfect! Thank you!!!! Thank you again for everything and talk soon.
P.H. Wisconsin, USA

Hey Greg- Got the Lautrec. Looks beautiful! Great condition for over 100 years old! Thanks.
S.S. Los Angeles, USA

Hi Greg, Glad to have finally put your face with your name. My posters just came back from being framed and are hung as a series. They look grand!
A.P. Chicago, USA

Greg, The posters arrived today. The Hamlet image is quite nice; the Lautrec print is spectacular. The website photo does not capture the vibrant colors. It is nice to be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for the prints and your great service.
J.H. Washington, USA

Dear Greg, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner… bit hectic right now. Yes we did indeed receive the Cappiello (L'Oie d'Or), and both my wife and I like it very much… it is beautiful! We are looking forward to getting if framed and up in the kids room in the Spring. Thanks again for all of your assistance! Kind Regards,
J.R. Philadelphia, USA

Received the lithograph.. Beautiful piece .. cannot tell you how happy I am with it. Cannot wait until its framed and hanging in my house. All the best and thanks.
F.M. New York, USA

Greg: the poster arrived safely yesterday. Thanks for the quick shipment! It is a very nice fit in our collection. It is nice to have an English poster of the period, especially this one. Thanks again.
D.H. Oregon, USA

Hi Greg, The Nicholson lithographs arrived today. As expected, they look super. I am a rider so he ones with horses in the foreground were my first interest - to complement a few I have from the alphabet that also relate to horses. But I might consider acquiring the whole Almanach. In this regard, I'll keep an eye on your website. Thanks and regards. Regards and happy new year.
P.G. Vancouver, Canada

Hi Greg, I received the poster today and I was very excited to see it. Everything is perfect! Thanks for your kindness and professionalism. I will feel confident in doing business with you again. Best regards.
F.P. France

Hi Greg... The Paul Colin has arrived safe and sound. It is GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for your help in sourcing the plates... Even the boss was fascinated by it, and the history of the album. Thank you. Have a nice weekend.
A.M. Australia

Hi Greg. I can't believe I have already received the prints. They are wonderful and are going to look fantastic on my wall. You offer a truly professional service. Dealing with you was a pleasure. I will definitely use your service again.
Many Thanks,
K.H. England

Hi Greg, I'm really happy with my purchase. Thanks again.
Great personal customer service.
S.S. Los Angeles, USA

Greg, Just got home and unwrapped the Cheret. She looks wonderful hanging
on the wall in the dining room! Thanks again,
L.A. Utah, USA

Hi Greg, Firstly I wanted to let you know that the prints arrived safely this afternoon and I could not wait to open them. Your packaging was just superb in itself. I think that all the prints are just exquisitely beautiful and they are in such pristine condition. Your presentation in the framing mats is also great.

I couldn't have expected better service and for that I would like to thank you. The little things like providing the tracking update is the kind of attentive service that has really made it a pleasure in buying the prints from you.

These posters really are a nice form of accessible art. Thanks again for all your assistance and advice and I expect I will be back for more. Best wishes,
V.W. New Zealand

Greg, Got the "Moulin Rouge" yesterday and it looks great. I have been looking to buy it for over 2 years. I could not resist the price. Thanks again.
G.D. New York, USA

Hi Greg, Poster arrived safely this morning and I'm delighted with it. I have been a fan of Mucha for many years and also have Gismonda in my collection. I visited the Mucha Museum in Prague earlier in the year which I was very impressed with. Once again many thanks! Best Wishes
S.R. United Kingdom

Hello Greg, Today I received the Meunier poster. What a wonderful lithograph!! Thanks for sending it so carefully including your note and the certificate. With regards,
M.L. The Netherlands

Hello Greg, The Maitres are beautiful ! I've had my eye on the "Steinlen" for a long time. Since we have moved into the condo downtown we purchased 2 bicycles and ride the Chicago lakefront all the time. That's what drew me to the "Misti" It was a surprise for my wife and she loves it. They will make great additions to our condo walls. I'm on your site all the time and look forward to future acquisitions. Best regards,
J.S. Chicago, USA

Dear Greg, The Cheret arrived, and it is really lovely, with a very professional matting and packing job. Thank you! Best wishes,
S.R. Maine, USA

Greg. Thank you so much! I took the "Contratto" in on Friday to the framer.
I am very excited to hang it… hopefully in the next 10 days or so! I love it!
Not a bad first poster, huh?! Thank you.
C.B. California, USA

Greg, Hi. Yes, I picked up the Cappiello today. It is stunning! Many thanks. I will be taking it to the framers this weekend. It is just perfect for the room in which I will be hanging it... I am very excited!! Again, many thanks. I look forward to seeing it framed and on my wall. Best,
L.N. San Francisco, USA

Hi Greg I just left you a message - we are thrilled with the beautiful items! And the information/description on the back is wonderful, as are the certificates of authenticity. Best regards,
J.A. Minneapolis, USA

Hi Mr. Yaneff, I got the print and it's spectacular! Thank you so much for your service. I will definitely be buying from you again.
E.S. New York, USA

Dear Mister Yaneff, The parcel has reached Germany without any damage and in an extraordinary short time. Thank you so much. I'll watch your site in the future very attentively. Your style in communicating with foreigners is quite persuasive and "continental" in the best sense of the word.
A.H. Germany

Greg: The poster arrived yesterday and it is fabulous – thank you so much. I am just delighted, and your packaging was impeccable!! I look forward to buying other things from you in the future. Have a wonderful weekend.
R.E. Pennsylvania, USA

Hello Greg, The poster arrived yesterday, and I have to agree: Wow! It really is more vibrant than I remembered. I am thrilled to have this in our home, and I appreciate your efforts to obtain it. I look forward to contacting you again for other posters.
P.S. Denver, USA

Hi Greg, Just a note to let you know the "Jane Avril" arrived safe and sound. I’m am so pleased with it. It's condition is excellent and the care with which you shipped it is a true testimony to your high level of professionalism and quality that you offer to your customers. I look forward to purchasing more vintage posters from you.
D.C. Florida

Hi Greg, Received the Cheret piece and it certainly is beautiful. Thank you for the bonus print. Always nice dealing with you and I am sure we will be doing business again soon!
M.G. Los Angeles, USA

Hello Greg, Our "Mucha" arrived yesterday, a day earlier than expected. It arrived in excellent condition. We are thrilled; it is beautiful. Thank you. Sincerely,
J.P. California, USA

Hi Greg, Just a quick line to let you know I received the poster just a minute ago. Thank you so much! I really didn't know what to expect exactly, I mean how it would look like, but you know, I LOVE IT! The first of several Lautrecs!?!?!
Thank you,
A.M. Australia

Hellooo Greg, Received Steinlen about 10am today. Wife was home to receive it. Thank you. Nice clean work of art!!! Great shipping technique, all arrived in superb condition! Thanks again for your expertise,
R.S. California, USA

Greg, thank you very much. The Cheret is framed and displayed in our living room - great timing as we also really enjoyed the recent movie "Pan's Labyrinth". Thanks again. Regards,
E.T. Colorado, USA

Dear Greg, I am absolutely thrilled with the Picasso poster. Your presentation and attention to beautiful details are works of art in themselves and it is my good fortune to have discovered Yaneff. I thank you so much for the incredibly speedy delivery, reasonable prices, and all the beauty you put out to the world. Hope to order more from you in the future. Sending great thanks and all the best.
J.T. Maine, USA

Greg – My Hohenstein and Gallo arrived yesterday and I have just now had a chance to spend a few moments with them. They are both superb and I couldn't’t be more pleased. Your packaging is extraordinary as well, and I thank you very much for that. Just one experience with you like this one says everything about why your fine reputation is well deserved. Appreciatively,
B.B. Philadelphia, USA

Received Bradley's "Inland Printer" plate yesterday. It is indeed a brilliant plate, and we are already enjoying it. I have seen other copies of this plate, but I must say this is undoubtedly the freshest, cleanest example I have seen. Thanks,
B.U. Michigan, USA

Greg I received the poster on Friday via FedEx. Yes, it is beautiful and I appreciate the excellent packaging and the information you included. Thank you so much. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year,
J.B. Oregon, USA

Thank you!! I received my poster today. You packaged it lovely...the best out of all the places I have ever ordered from (I love the removable label for framing...brilliant!). The print is fantastic and will look great where I had envisioned it. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery.
J.J. Washington, USA

Hi Greg, Just wanted to let you know that I received the poster and the timing was perfect! Today is my wedding anniversary. It joins the Maitres that he bought over 20 years ago. I am going to my framer this afternoon. I would like to thank you for dispatching the parcel so quickly - everything is done in a highly professional manner - from the meticulous packing to including the web site citations and certificate of authenticity. The condition is great and the gold leaf and cacao pod motif in the background is so vibrant.
Again thank you, I am so pleased.
M.W. New York, USA

Hi, I received it today, exactly as promised. Thanks very much for the quick delivery and for providing such a great service!
C.VL. Ottawa, Canada

Gregg, Thanks the poster arrived today and I am very pleased with it (and the speed of delivery). I was interested to discover your site recently and expect to be ordering again later in the year. Thanks again
N.B Wiltshire, England

Greg, I received the print today. Opening the package was like opening a present. Thank you very much. See you at vintage poster fair here in New York City this October.
S.T. New York, USA

Hi Greg, I went to Paris for two weeks in May and you will be amused to hear that your website was pulled up in a couple of poster shops for price quotes. They asked if I was familliar with Yaneff.com, and I said "yes, actually , I am. . . "

L.A. Utah

Dear Sirs, In the past several months, I have visited hundreds of web sites that carry "posters" and have in all probability, viewed tens of thousands of images. I became fascinated with the older posters "vintage posters"

Your site, in my opinion, is the absolute best in presentation and more importantly, in the factual information accompanying every artist featured and with each individual poster displayed. I have learned so much about the art of "poster art" from you as well as the personal glimpses into the lives of so many wonder artists.

Again thank you for not only showing the poster images, but taking the time to "tell" me about the art work and the man who painted it. Regards,
M.B. Georgia, USA

Greg, I have received the poster and it is in great shape. Many thanks,
M.A. London, United Kingdom

Hello Greg, in case you get more I'd buy them ALL! This gent is feeling very well in Dresden! Friendly greetings.
G.L. Dresden, Germany

Hi Greg, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the poster and I am extremely pleased. The quality is even better than I imagined. I can hardly wait to frame and display it in our home. I want to also comment on your Web site I have been visiting off and on for a couple of years admiring your stock and the site is very well done and easy to use. I especially like the well-written commentaries on each piece as well as the informative history of the " Maitre de L' Affiche". Thanks for the careful packaging and quick delivery. Happy New Year,
A.P. Ontario, Canada

Dear Greg, The poster arrived today and exceeded my expectations. It was love at first sight when I saw it on your Web site, and I was even more impressed when I saw it "in person," as it were! Thanks again and all best 'till next time,
V.G. New York, USA

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