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Artist: Will Bradley (American 1883-1952)

Item: RPR.22

Title: The Chap Book, Pegasus

Description: Condition A-
Full size Original vintage poster,
backed on Linen,
Printed 1895
Shipping rolled
Terms of Sale

Size: 13 1/2 x 20 in /34.5 x 51 cm
Price: Sold

"In "Pegasus," Bradley gives us a highly elaborate pattern of winged horses, no doubt representing the soaring imagination of the writers contributing to this important little literary magazine." (Rennert PAI-XLV, 174)

"Will Bradley was an innovative, influential typographer, designer and publisher. The international Art Nouveau movement found its American expression in the delicate and ornate work of this genius. In 1895, Bradley moved from Chicago to Springfield, Massachusetts where he established The Wayside Press, a publishing and graphic arts venture whose main product was Bradley: His Book, an art magazine appearing monthly. Some of Bradley's most beguiling designs is for The Chap Book"

"In 1894 two Harvard students, Stone and Kimball, came up with an idea for a magazine called 'The Chap Book' that would cover literary and artistic news not normally covered in major journals, including the notion of regarding posters as an art form. Although not meant to be more than college high-jinks, the tiny curiosity surprised the two by prospering and became enough of a hit that when they returned to their native Chicago, they continued to publish it there for some years. Bradley contributed to the success of the original issues of The Chap Book with store counter placards such as this one and created a total of five designs for the publication." (Gold p.75)

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