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Artist: A.M. Cassandre, French (1901-1968)

Item: RPR.16

Title: Bonal

Description: Condition A
Full size Original vintage poster,
backed on Linen,
Alliance Graphique/L. Danel, Paris, 1935.
Ref: Cassandre/BN, 91; Cassandre/Weill. p.72;
Mouron,PL.63; Moderno Frances p.189.
Shipping rolled
Terms of Sale

Size: 47 x 63 in /119.5 x 160 cm
Price: Sold

"In this version of the image, printed two years after the original , the background has been changed to yellow and sienna, but the intoxicating stars remain pink. Additionally, an extra line of text appears at bottom pinpointing the liqueur's origin. In Bonal, an eye-catching white figure silhouetted against its black shadow seems to balance a realistically rendered bottle of Bonal against a vibrant warm background of luminous yellows. The vigorous graphic treatment of the bottle spilling its stream of pink stars is in sharp contrast to the abstractness of the figure poised like a tightrope walker on the brand name at the bottom of the poster" (Mouron, pp. 54-55).

Distilleries Bonal
Bonal was established in 1865 in Saint Laurent du Pont, in the Isere by Bonal Hippolyte (1826-1909). He attended classes at the monastery of St. Bruno in the Grande Chartreuse as the father of Raphael. In 1858, he settled as a pharmacist-physician at Saint Laurent du Pont. The Distillery started marketing "Raphaëlle The Queen of liquors in the Dauphiné," then the appetizer "Gentiane Quina Bonal" soon followed by the "Génépi. In 1936, they built the huge caves Bonal at the entrance to the city. The slogans were numerous, such as 'appetite comes Raphaël Bonal drinking "or" A Bonal, that's good. " But it was in 1932 that the slogan "Before the meal, Bonal Gentiane Quina opens your appetite" appears and the Universal Exhibition of 1937 took place with the famous key that opens the appetite, the trademark logo. It closed its doors in 1976 and its manufacturing secrets were sold to the House Dolin Chambéry. (www.cardot.free.fr)

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