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Artist: Leonetto Cappiello Italian (1875-1942)

Item: RPR.10

Title: France

Description: Condition A
Full size Original vintage poster,
backed on Linen, Editions Nouvelles Cappiello/Edimo, printed 1937.
Ref: Cappiello/Rennert 527,
Shipping rolled
Terms of Sale

Size: 24 x 38 1/2 in /61 x 98 cm
Price: Sold

Listed page 323 of the Cappiello book.

"Paris hosted a World's Fair in 1937 and "this is one of a number of general posters created for that occasion, one that specifically promotes travel to France. But in contrast to practically all posters attempting to attract the population of a foreign country to travel to your home turf, Cappiello shows the remarkable, classic restraint customary in his later posters. The allegorical statuary of Marianne atop a patriotic French relief relays a dignified call to travel that one can appreciate for its simple beauty as much for the unmistakable message it sends." (Cappiello/Rennert, p. 323)

Exposition Internationale Paris 1937

The Paris World's Fair 1937 "After eight years of turbulent preparation, the last world exhibition to take place in Paris opened on May 25th 1937, under the shadow of the growing power of European dictatorships, whose pompous architecture was on display there. The aim of the exhibition, which was to encourage peaceful co-existence and co-operation among nations. Other buildings, such as the Pavilion of Flight with its dynamic planes and the emphatically down-to-earth Spanish pavilion, in which Picasso’s protest painting “Guernica” hung, presented a modern concept of architecture which contrasted sharply with the gesticulating of the two dictatorships." (Expo2000.de)

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