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Artist: Leonetto Cappiello Italian (1875-1942)

Item: RPR.9 and RPR.9a (two sizes)

Title: Cognac Pellisson

Description: Condition A (both sizes)
Full size Original vintage poster,
backed on Linen, Imp. Vercasson, Paris, 1922
Ref: Cappiello/Rennert 296,
Wine Spectator 167
Shipping rolled
Terms of Sale

Medium format
RPR.09 Size:

31 1/2 x 47 in /80 x 119.5 cm
Larger format
RPR.09a Size:

47 x 63 in /119.5 x 160 cm
Price: Sold

Listed page 101 of the Cappiello book.

"Cognac Pellisson is one of Cappiello's best and earliest in the overstatement department-shocking and surprising us with its incongruity-and it provided the visual punch of lasting impact. How lasting? The company, founded in 1836, remained in the Pellisson family's hands until 1980 when they sold it to the Hennessy conglomerate. Yet Cappiello's magnificent barrel-carrying imp survived all changes of hands and is still lugging the huge cask on the product's logo" (Cappiello/Rennert, p. 101).

"A great House in the town of Cognac since 1876, The facility was established in Cognac in 1876 by Monsieur Emile Pellisson. As a man with vision he built his company close to the newly built Cognac train station, gambling on the development of the railways for the transport of his eaux-de-vie. From here, he built up a complete business, comprising a distillery, a cooperage, ageing cellars and bottling facilities. Although obviously modernised, this traditional facility is still in place, located next to the flamboyant family Château Pellisson, which has become the head office for 'Three Barrels brandy' in Cognac.

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