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Artist: Leonetto Cappiello Italian (1875-1942)

Item: RPR.7

Title: Cachou Lajaunie

Description: Condition A
Full size Original vintage poster,
backed on Linen,
printed Imp. Devambez, 1920.
Ref: Cappiello/Rennert 296
Shipping rolled
Terms of Sale

Size: 39 x 59 in /99 x 150 cm
Price: $2850.00 USD

Listed page 196 of the Cappiello book.

"In Cappiello's later years, caricature, now more polished and refined, makes an appearance every now and again. This second poster for Cachou Lajaunie . . . a breath freshener to counteract the effects of her cigarette, gets our attention with a woman in a startling dress decorated with large sequins in shades reminiscent of autumn foliage" (Cappiello/Rennert, p. 196). "The pharmacist, Leon Lajaunie, set up his pharmacy in Toulouse. After developing several invigorating elixirs, he turned to cachou, as an aromatic for perfuming the breath whose strong flavor covered smoker's breath" (Health Posters, p. 169).

Still sold today
"Cachou Lajaunie are tiny licorice-based candies still made in Toulouse, France, where they were invented by the pharmacist Leon Lajaunie in 1890. Don't let their size fool you: these candies are extraordinarily strong, a result of the mint extract which is added to the licorice, and are a powerful breath-freshener. The trademark small yellow tin was invented by a clock-maker friend of Lajaunie, who designed it to fit in a watch-pocket."

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