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Artist: Leonetto Cappiello Italian (1875-1942)

Item: RPR.6

Title: Veuve Amiot/Cremant du Roi (The King)

Description: Condition A+
Full size Original vintage poster,
backed on Linen, Imp. Devambez,1922.
Ref: Cappiello/Rennert 377,
Shipping rolled
Terms of Sale

Size: 47 x 63 in /119.5 x 160 cm
Price: Sold

Listed page 240 of the Cappiello book.

"It appears as if we've come across this rouged monarch draped in his royal robes (Cremant du Roi) during a transcendent moment, carried away on the exquisite proboscis-tickling bubbles of Veuve Amiot sparkling wine. A convincing design of infinite charm that effortlessly persuades without sacrificing one jot of intimate amusement. In 1884, Elisa Amiot suddenly found herself a widow (veuve) with four children to raise. As she lived in the Saumur region, an area whose sparkling wines had become all the rage, she went into the distilling business. She proved to have a flare for so effectively promoting both herself and her bubbly that her firm prospered right from the start" (Rennert PAI-XLIII, 212)

"Veuve Amiot can trace its origins back to 1884 when the recently widowed Elizabeth Amiot constructed cellars in Saumur and began producing high quality sparkling wines. The original Veuve Amiot was a shrewd business lady and soon the company became one of the leading sparkling wine houses in the Loire. Nowadays the firm produces over 3 million bottles a year and since 1971 has been owned by the Italian vermouth and sparkling wine producer, Martini e Rossi." (Berry Bros. & Rudd,www.bbr.com)

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