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Artist: Albert Brenet, French (1903-2005)

Item: RP.36

Title: Air France/ Afrique Occidentale
(West Africa)
Description: Condition A+
Original vintage poster, backed on Linen
Printed by Imp. Perceval, Paris 1949

Shipped rolled via Fedex.
Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Terms of Sale
Size: 24 1/2 in x 39 in
  62 x 99 cm
Price: Sold

Albert Victor Eugene Brenet
At his home in Paris, about 16 years ago when asked what he thought of 'abstract art' , Brenet replied, "Oh, they just do that because they can't paint what they see."

"20th Century. French. Painter of landscapes, marines, painter with the gouache, painter in watercolours, creator of posters.

Studied at l'École des Beaux-Arts in Paris 1921. In 1925 Brenet travels to equatorial Africa with a prize funds from awarded by the Salon des Artistes Français.

In 1935 Brenet starts to work for the magazine L’illustration, a collaboration which will continue until the end of the magazine. As an illustratrator with the magazine Brenet was a prolific illustrator of early cars and airplanes and would formulate alongside George Ham, a style particular to both the magazine and these emerging new technologies.

Brenet accomplishes many voyages and reports of his travels many of which went on to appear in his posters for shipping companies. Member of the Salon des Artistes Français, Brenet displays in 1945 to the Show of the Navy (Salon de la Marine) and, in Oran, the fifth Show of the Painters of the Sea (Salon des Peintres de la Mer).

In 1936 Brenet became the official artist for the French Air France and the Navy for which he was later awarded the Légion d'honneur" (www.derbycityprint.com)

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