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Artist: Frank Newbould, English (1887-1951)

Item: RP.18

Title: Orient Line Cruises
Description: Condition A
Original vintage poster, backed on Linen
Printed in Paris, ca. 1930
Size: 24 in x 38 1/2 in / 61 x 98 cm
Terms of Sale
Price: Sold

Born in Bradford, England, Frank Newbould studied at Bradford College of Art and Camberwell School of Art. He designed many posters to promote travel for the London and North Eastern Railway, Great Western Railway, Orient (shipping) Line and Belgian railways in addition to his work for London Transport. In 1942 he joined the War Office, where he was assistant to Abram Games and designed the series of posters with the slogan 'Your Britain: Fight for it Now'.

"A compelling design composed of unbordered color forms invites us to cruise with the Orient Line. Newbould uses the colours excellently harmonized for a pleasing effect. The balnk apace at the bottom was evidently left for local agent's copy." (Rennert, PAI-XVI, 386)

Newbould is best known for his wonderful pre-war travel posters.

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