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Book title: 100 Posters of Paul Colin

Author: Jack Rennert
Item code: Book. 04
Description: The cream of Colin's images in an outsize format with extensive notes on each. 64 color reproductions with an emphasis on Colin's portraits of performing artists.
112 pages. Softcover; text in English.
Shipped UPS ($10 within US)
Book Size:11 in x 16 in
Price: $30.00 USD

"A wonderful hommage to the the brillant style of Paul Colin. The cover's design sold in Nov. 2007 for over $300,000 US at Poster Auctions International in NY " Greg Yaneff

French poster master Paul Colin believed that successful posters had an immediate impact on a large number of people. His own posters certainly did. The art in 100 Posters of Paul Colin represents some of his finest works, and consists of both full-color and black-and-white images.

This collection includes three categories of posters. The first type of artwork produced by Colin related to the performing arts, and focused on topics such as theater, dance, music, and film. His second type of poster included both those created to promote worthy causes and those designed to expose the inhumanity of man. Thirdly, Colin created outstanding promotional posters to advertise products and services. For each poster, author Jack Rennert includes extensive and insightful notes that illuminate both the artwork and the time in which it was created. He also includes information on the printer when it is available.

RicordiJack Rennert The Author,
has been dealing in posters for over forty years During this time he has written a dozen monographs, arranged museum tours, given lectures, and done television guest spots on the topic of poster art. Rennert also established two successful companies: Posters Please, Inc. and Poster Auctions International. At Poster Auctions International, the world's first company to specialize exclusively in poster auctions, he became the first specialized poster auctioneer. Mr. Rennert is the author of over twenty books on both vintage and modern posters.

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