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Book title: Posters of the Belle Epoque:
The Wine Spectator Collection

Author: Jack Rennert
Item code: Book. 01
Description: 220 color reproductions of some of the finest turn-of-the-century posters, from Cheret to Cappiello, with annotations to each poster. Hardcover; text in English. 256 pages
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Book Size:10.25 in x 13.25in
Price: $75.00 USD

"This is the must-have book for anyone with an interest in posters and the period. Wonderful pictures and informative text. a personal favorite, from my own extensive poster library." Greg Yaneff

The Belle Epoque--France's "beautiful era" that lasted from the 1890s to the beginning of World War I--was the golden era of posters, when many of the world's classic designs were produced. The excitement of this time is brought to life in this lavish collection of more than 200 full-color posters--each completely annotated--that adorned Paris when artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec walked its streets.

The posters, culled from one of the best private collections in the world, include the works of Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, Steinlen, Cappiello, Cheret, Livemont, and other top posterists of the day. Jack Rennert's lengthy, well-researched introduction illustrates the flavor of this magnificent era and explains interesting production aspects of the lithographic art that produced these masterpieces. Posters of the Belle Epoque is a must-have for the serious poster collector.

RicordiJack Rennert The Author,
has been dealing in posters for over forty yras. During this time he has written a dozen monographs, arrnged museum tours, given lectures, and done television guest spots on the topic of poster art. Rennert also established two successful companies: Posters Please, Inc. and Poster Auctions International. At Poster Auctions Internatioal, the world's first company to specialize exclusively in poster auctions, he became the first specialized poster auctioneer. Mr. Rennert is the author of over twenty books on both vintage and modern posters.

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