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Artist: Toulouse-Lautrec French (1864-1901)

Plate: ML

Title: Marcelle Lender, en Buste

Description: Condition A
Original colour stone lithograph
Printed by Ancourt Paris, 1895.
published by Pan, Berlin.
Backed on japon.

This is the fourth state of four,
from the edition of 1211 impressions
printed for the Berlin magazine Pan,
which were inserted in volume I,
no. 3 of the periodical. 

Reference: Delteil 10, Adhémar 131,
Adriani 115, Witlock 99.

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Poster Size: 14 in x 10 3/8 in
  355 cm x 265 cm

Price: Sold

Auction results:
Sold for $ 12,000 US
Poster Auctions Int., N.Y. March 2017
Sold for $ 12,500 US
Swann Auctions, N.Y. Oct 2006
Sold for $ 14,400 US
Christies, N.Y. May 2006

"No other lithograph is printed with such a wealth of subtle color combinations, and none embodies, as this does, the opulent decoration of an age moving towards its close" (Adriani)"

Marcelle Lender

Parisian actress Marcelle Lender had been appearing in a series of comic operas, principally at the Théâtre des Variétés, since 1889. Utterly enamored with the performer, Lautrec did many drawings of her in a variety of her roles. Here, she is depicted in Chilpéric, an operetta-revue that was revived in 1895. “The main attraction in Chilpéric was the bolero, danced by Marcelle Lender as the Galaswintha at the court of King Chilpéric. It was not so much the flimsy plot of this medieval farce as the actress ... who led Lautrec to sit through the operetta nearly twenty times. Always watching from the same angle, from one of the first tiers on the left, he would lie in wait with his sketch pad” (Adriani, p. 157). Lautrec’s attentions were well repaid. His half-length portrait of Lender in her fantastic Spanish costume, bowing to the audience applause, is considered a lithographic masterpiece. (Rennert)

Lender Dancing in the Bolero in Chilperic.

Marcelle Lender (1862-1926) starred in many of the operettas and comic operas popular at the end of the 19th century. One of her shows, Chilperic, was justifiably unmemorable except that it inspired Lautrec to paint a magnificent painting and design six lithographs (Adriani 110-115). This is by far the best image from that series and the only one that is in color. Lautrec depicts her bowing after an extravagant Spanish dance that fascinated him. To render her wild attire and hairdo he uses eight colors with chalk, ink with brush and a spraying/splatter technique. (Swann)

Marcelle Lender's back...

"Lautrec is said to have gone twenty times to see the singer and dancer Marcelle Lender in an 1895 revival of the Hervé operetta Chilpéric. When his friend Romain Coolus, who could stand to accompany him only six of those times, asked what the attraction was, he replied, “I only come to see Lender’s back. Look carefully, you will rarely see anything as splendid.” However, only one of the twelve lithographs that resulted from this burst of theater-going depicts Lender from behind." (MoMA)

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