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Artist: Jules Cheret French (1836-1932)

Plate: Elysee

Title: Elysee Montmartre / Bal Masque

Description: Condition A
Original colour stone lithograph
Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris.
Courrier Français supplement,
January 18, 1891. 
Backed on linen.

Reference: Broido 2100, Maindron 260, DFP-II 190, Reims 342, Wine Spectator 13, Gold 144,

Certificate of Authenticity.
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Poster Size: 14 1/2 in x 22 in
  36.8 cm x 55.8 cm

Price: temporarily out of stock

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"One of the big Paris dance halls advertises by showing a couple enjoying themselves with abandon. One of Cheret's assets as a posterist was the way he gave his figures motion; there is a swing and a rhythm in his revelers that sweeps us right along with them. It's hard to imagine one of Cheret's figures as a household drudge or seamstress; they seem to exist only for the moment, heedlessly bound for pleasure alone. The posters make you forget everything mundane-and therein lies the master posterist's greatest talent" (Gold, p. 100). 

The Elysee Montmartre ca. 1900

"L'Elysee Montmartre , the music hall that witnessed the birth of the quadrille, was the site of the Courier Francaise's yearly ball. Nonetheless, it was still a second class music hall and ballroom that struggled to survive. One of their last attempts to attract the public was to commission Cheret, whose art was the gold standard in advertising in that era, to design a poster. In his classic format he depicts a merry couple enjoying a masked ball amid a throng of revelers. Unfortunately even an exceptional poster was unable to save a mediocre establishment. It closed in 1893, unable to compete with the newly opened Moulin Rouge." (Swann)

"Jules Roques, the owner of the magazine Le Courier Français, was among the most fervent supporters of Chéret's work. At one point, he rented the entire curtain of the Théåtre des Ambassadeurs, one of the biggest music halls in Paris, and covered it from top to bottom with Chéret's posters, with the name of his publication across the top. He regularly published supplements to his magazine, which were smaller versions of posters, most being designs by Chéret. Although smaller than the original printing, they are of equal quality as they were printed by Chaix under the personal direction of Chéret."( Health 6)

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