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Greg's Latest Acquisitions
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Celebrate Spring with Alphonse Mucha
"The Father of Art Nouveau"
All prices reduced


Alphonse Mucha (Czech 1860-1939)
Hallowed be thy name and Thy will be done
Original Lithographs from "Le Pater" printed 1899
Each signed in pencil by Alphonse Mucha
$4250.00 Now $3950 each
Hand Signed, Extremely Rare

Alphonse Mucha
Bieres de la Meuse
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche" PL.182 printed 1899
$3800.00 Now $3600

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2013
$40,800. PAI, NY.

Alphonse Mucha
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.27 printed 1898
$2950.00 Now $2750

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2012
$14,400. PAI, NY.

Alphonse Mucha
From "Le Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.114 printed 1898
$2850.00 Now $2650

Full size version sold
in Auction Nov 2012
$13,200. PAI, NY.

Alphonse Mucha
L' Estampe Moderne
Original cover
RP.07A printed 1897-1899
Now $225
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Jules Cheret (French 1836-1932) "The Father of the Poster" He revolutionized the field of posters. The true Poster Master.
New Prices on Cheret's most famous posters

From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.1 printed 1897
$450.00 Now $395

L'Arc de Ciel
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.21 printed 1896

Les Coulisses de l'Opera
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.37 printed 1896
$750.00 Now $595

Moulin Rouge
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.53 printed 1897
$850.00 Now $695

Le Loie Fuller
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.73 printed 1897
Now $1150

From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.97 printed 1898
$425.00 Now $375

PL.133 printed 1898
$750.00 Now $595

Taverne Olympia
PL.217 printed 1900
$650.00 Now $595

Selected Original Vintage Movie Posters Click on movie title for details and larger image.
"Here are a few of my Movie Posters I am offering for sale, a few real classics offered at well below market prices." Greg
New Prices

Original Vintage Poster. French
Linen-backed, Good Condition
47 in x 63 in Art by Landi
watch movie trailer

The most famous car chase
in movies. Director Peter
Yates gritty crime thriller set in
San Francisco created a new
level of super cool that only
Steve McQueen
could achieve.
with Robert Vaughn and the
alluring Jacqueline Bisset
A must have Original poster for
the serious Ford Mustang owner.

$1600.00 Rare Now $995

compare other dealer price:
$2400.00 Unbacked see listing

Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1966)
Original Vintage Poster. French
Linen-backed, Mint Condition
47 in x 63 in. Art by Mascii
watch movie trailer

This classic Western is a landmark film. It brought together Clint Eastwood's
man with no name,
Sergio Leone's

influential directional style
and Ennio Morricone's
haunting musical score
to make what is probably
the greatest western film
of all time.
The Clint Eastwood Classic.

$950.00 Rare
Now $695

compare other dealer price:
see listing

Original Vintage Poster. French
Linen-backed, Good Condition
47 in x 63 in. Art by Jim Pearsall

watch movie trailer

One of the greatest, most completely
satisfying crime films of all time,
starring Jack Nicholson
and Faye Dunaway
and directed by Roman Polanski.
The crackling, hard-bitten script by
Robert Towne won a well-deserved
Aacademy award.
Polanski's Jack Nicholson Classic.

$450.00 Rare
Now $295

compare other dealer price:

2001: A Space Odyssey
(1968 Italian)
Original Vintage Poster.
Linen-backed, Very Good Condition
28 in x 13 in (insert)
watch movie trailer

The greatest sci-fi film of all time.
Stanley Kubrick's
grand masterpiece. An epic drama
of adventure and space exploration.



an autographed by Arthur C. Clarke
copy of 2001 special edition
paper back, printed London 2001.

compare price:
$550.00 Unbacked B
see listing


"I now have for sale the largest collection of Ricordi's & Maitre de L'Affiche in the world." Greg

Just arrived
Over Sixty absolutely stunning posters from the Ricordi Portfolio
a very rare commemorative portfolio published by the renowned Italian printer Ricordi in 1914.
The portfolio consists of 70 lithographic plates of Ricordi's greatest posters printed between 1895 and 1914.
View the entire Ricordi collection»

Novita per Signora

Cappiello R.03
$1050.00 Rare

Magazzini Italiani

Cappiello R.04
$1050.00 Rare


Hohenstein R.06
$650.00 Rare

Il Resto del Carlino

Hohenstein R.11

Mele & Ci, Napoli

Terzi R.52
$600 Rare

E&A Mele & Ci

Metlicovitz R.20

Exposition Int. Milan

Metlicovitz R.21

Grand Hotel

Mazza R.67

"Certainly one of the Best Selections I've had in years of the most beautiful designs of the Belle Époque." Greg

"This design for Rajah coffee is a classic of Belgian Art Nouveau poster art.
It was called Meunier's 'best work' and 'a masterpiece' by L'Stampe et L'Affiche in 1898' (p.227).
Cafe Rajah
From "Maitre de L'Affiche" PL.156 printed 1899


From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.180 printed 1899
Now $595

Don Quixote
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.63 printed 1898
Now $750

Henri Evenpoël
Au Square (at the Square)

From "L'Estampe Moderne"
EM.25 printed 1897
Now $2495

Vaclav Oliva
Zlata Praha
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.176 printed 1899
Now $595

Toulouse-Lautrec (French 1864-1901) Toulouse-Lautrec proved himself a true genius of the poster.
To Celebrate the brilliance of Toulouse-Lautrec All New Prices

Jane Avril
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.110 printed 1898
Celebrate Lautrec
Now $3250.00

Divan Japonais
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.2 printed 1896
Celebrate Lautrec
Now $3500.00

La Revue Blanche
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.82 printed 1897
Celebrate Lautrec
Now $2250.00

Moulin Rouge
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.122 printed 1898
Celebrate Lautrec
Now $5995.00

T.A. Steinlen (Swiss 1859-1923) Several of Steinlen's posters have become the most famous poster images ever created.
Celebrate Steinlen: All New Prices

Lait pur Sterilise
From "Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.95 printed 1897
Now $2250

Chocolats Francaise
From " Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.170 printed 1899
$2950 Now $2350

Motocycles Comiot
From " Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.190 printed 1899
$2850.00 Now $2250

Mothu et Doria
From " Maitre de L'Affiche"
PL.46 printed 1896
.00 Now $550

Three Modern Artists Galleries added: Joan Miro, Fernand Léger, and Raoul Dufy

Joan Miro

Fernand Léger

Raoul Dufy

Joan Miro
(Spanish 1893-1983)

Combined abstract art with
Surrealist fantasy .

Joan Miró
From "Affiches Originales"
MP.49 printed 1959

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Fernand Léger
(French 1881-1955)

The Father of Pop Art.

F. Léger
From "Affiches Originales"
MP.34 printed 1959

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Raoul Dufy
(French 1877-1953)

The Painter of Joy.


From "Affiches Originales"
MP.27 printed 1959

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