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French (1864-1901)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec came from an aristocratic background, having been born the son of an earl. Even as a schoolboy he showed a talent for drawing. By 14 he had suffered two horse back riding accidents, combined with a serious bone disease which eventually left him crippled for life. His body continued to grow but not his legs, he would remain only five feet tall and suffer pain and embarrassment his entire life. More about Lautrec »


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"Les Affiches de Toulouse-Lautrec" - Poster Gallery
A series of 33 lithographs. Printed by the renowned French printer,
Mourlot Freres for collectors. All of Lautrec's most famous images Printed in Paris, ca.1960.

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TL.21 printed ca.1960

La Chaine Simpson

TL.22 printed ca.1960


Troupe Eglantine
TL.23 printed ca.1960

The Chap Book

TL.24 printed ca.1960


TL.25 printed ca.1960

La Vache Enragee

TL.26 printed ca.1960

Au Concert

TL.27 printed ca.1960

Salon des Cent

TL.28 printed ca.1960


TL.29 printed ca.1960

Jane Avril

TL.30 printed ca.1960

La Gitane

TL.31 printed ca.1960

Yvette Guilbert

TL.32 printed ca.1960

Moulin Rouge,
La Goulue
TL.33 printed ca.1960


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